Finite element analysis

TMS Rubber simulates a physical product with given technical specifications in a computer environment by using a nonlinear numerical technique called Finite Element Method (FEM). TMS Rubber helps reduce the number of physical prototypes, molds and experiments and optimize components during the design phase to develop better products faster.

Concept Design

TMS Rubber produces high quality products by doing the right things reliably. TMS Rubber is committed to presenting its products to its customers by keeping strong moral and ethical values ​​at the highest level as a whole.

Product Design

TMS Rubber designs the products according to the technical specifications requested by the customers.

Mold Design

TMS Rubber can design and manufacture all kinds of compression, transfer and injection molds.

Prototype Production

TMS Rubber produces result-oriented solutions for the first product, for which all subsequent forms are developed.

Testing and Verification

TMS Rubber can offer its customers high standard testing facilities.

Technical Consulting

TMS Rubber offers technical consultancy on rubber, metal and rubber-metal products at every stage from design to production.