Static Tests

TMS Rubber tests the process of progressive localized permanent structural change occurring in a material subjected to conditions that produce fluctuating stresses and strains at some point or points and that may culminate in cracks or complete fracture after a sufficient number of fluctuations.

Fatigue Strength Tests

TMS Rubber applies static tests using static test machines to determine whether the product can withstand a specified load for a specified period of time, and, what is the axial, radial, torsional and stiffness value of a material by examining the point at which a material will no longer elastically deform

Dynamic Tests

TMS Rubber applies dynamic tests with its modern dynamic testing machines by imparting the tension load rapidly. By increasing the speed at which the tension is imparted, TMS Rubber is able to test the ability of the material (or entire system) to respond to a sudden spike of stress.

Damage Calculations

Damage calculations are made by TMS Rubber in order to prevent future failures by understanding the cause and apply lessons learned. In addition, it is targeted to avoid the cost associated with product failure, loss of reputation, and expensive litigation costs.