TMS Mars Kauçuk A.Ş is an international company that specializes in the design, testing, analysis, and production of rubber and rubber-metal composite products. We provide high-quality and durable products for various sectors, including Railway Vehicles, Construction Machinery, Industrial Applications, Commercial Vehicles, Agricultural Machinery, Marine Industry, and Household Appliances.

With our expert and experienced team, we offer technical consultancy services at every stage from design to production. Our knowledge and experience help our customers achieve their goals. For our customers using rubber and metal composite products, we focus on solving all engineering problems through collaboration, prioritizing our expertise and reliability.

Our company produces prototype and sample products according to customer demands. Prioritizing customer satisfaction, we address quality concerns and carry out customer-oriented production in our own facilities. Our team possesses all the necessary experience to lead our customers to success.

At TMS Kauçuk, we not only offer high-quality products but also competitive prices. We provide the same level of quality and service to all our national and international customers.