TMS Rubber is an international company that offers all kinds of rubber, metal and rubber-metal products at all stages from design to production. For more than 20 years, TMS Rubber aims to provide the best quality and longest life of the products used in various industries such as Railway Industry, Construction Machinery, Material Handling, Commercial Vehicle, Agricultural Machinery and Wind Energy. With our expert staff in the field, we are able to provide all kinds of technical consultancy services to our customers from design to production at every stage. The experience we’ve gathered over the last 20 years ensures we have all the necessary knowledge to help achieve our customers reach their goals. We work in a solution-oriented manner for all kinds of engineering problems by prioritizing know-how and reliability for our customers in various sectors using rubber, metal or rubber-metal components. Our company produces prototype or sample products in accordance with customer demands. Considering the quality concerns of the customers, we make customer-based production in our own facility with our experienced staff. Our engineers have all the necessary experience required for guiding your company to success. TMS Rubber offers not only high quality but also competitive prices. As a result of being an international company, TMS Rubber is able to provide the same quality service for each customer worldwide.