Machine Feets

TMS Rubber provides high resistance and safety machine feet by using heavy static and dynamic applications. The product is available in a variety of sizes and styles and could be produced with different designs.

Cone Mounts

The cone mounts, working rubber in shear and compression, are designed to provide advanced stiffness. The product is used in engines and auxiliaries in static and vehicle applications.

Rubber Buffers

Rubber Buffers function to protect a wide range of equipment from shock and vibration. The product could be used in a variety of areas and industries including automotive applications and electrical components.

Compactor Mounts

Compactor mounts are designed to insulate the vibrating drum or plate while preventing wear and fatigue of moving parts. It can be used when the product is subjected to high torsional and shear stress during operation.

Rubber Mounts

Rubber mounts suits for different applications where a captive solution is required. The design of the product assists with easy installation, and restricts movement in both vertical directions thereby offering a good level of shock protection. Various type of rubber component could be used while producing the rubber mounts.

Layer Springs

Layer Springs provides a large load capacity and vertical stiffness as a result of having a large loading area. It can withstand the weight of the car body and horizontal deflection between the bogie and car body with its great load capacity and shear deflection.

Resilient Wheel Pad

Resilient wheel pad is used in track systems used on first suspension systems of railways and urban tramways and on other applications such as overhead cable car systems and aerial tramways.